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We guarantee the welfare of future generations to have a better life meanwhile we have brought together the most advanced features to make products according to the international standards to have a role in creating distinct society.

For more than two decades of experience in manufacturing and active presence in components plastics industry, Razak plast is set to become a leader in the production of mechanized waste bin and municipal waste management related products.
Razak plast fundamental reasons to reach to different position in the domestic market and introducing Razak plast products beyond our borders is constant attention to quality and utilization the highest production standards.


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No1,25th Street,Km 10th Lashkari Expy ,Tehran-IRAN

Tel: +98 21 4456 5310 -13

Fax: +98 21 4456 5314

info [@] razakplast.com

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About Us

Razak plast is proud to be the first manufacturer and exporter of 360, 770 and 1100 liter waste bin, focusing on export through UAE achieve to Developed markets in Europe, Australia and Africa. Integrated management, concentrating to human resources and using the best materials in the manufacture of products is Razak plast's distinct aspects to achieve the specified goals set in the target markets.