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1100l plastic waste container with  NEW lid in lid  system



Brand new generation of containers with innovative design. Ergonomic lids easier to use Optimized body with high durability, resistant to decay, frost, heat and most chemicals.
Environment friendly. Suitable for refuse collectors and everyday users.

There are more advantages of the innovative design of double lid.Barrier-free use is enabled, rendering such tasks easy to manage even for elderly people or those with limited mobility.

The new lid in lid system protects children playing around and against accidents.The integration of an additional separate child safety device is no longer required.



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About Us

Razak plast is proud to be the first manufacturer and exporter of 360, 770 and 1100 liter waste bin, focusing on export through UAE achieve to Developed markets in Europe, Australia and Africa. Integrated management, concentrating to human resources and using the best materials in the manufacture of products is Razak plast's distinct aspects to achieve the specified goals set in the target markets.